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Judson Justice continues a long tradition of organizing and action in Judson's space, from our celebrated incubation of the Clergy Consultation Service on Abortion and The Prostitution Project to today’s Power of Love, Freedom Summer, Radical Hope Mutual Aid Center, harm reduction initiatives, and other community-powered programming.

Radical Hope Mutual Aid Center


Judson is collaborating with the NYC immigration mutual aid network in solidarity with the tens of thousands of migrants seeking asylum who have been bussed into New York City. Every Monday, a vibrant community shares space where all can enjoy nourishing food and find warm, clean clothing as well as other necessities including diapers, strollers, toiletries, and Metrocards. The center offers folks a time to sit with family and friends, new and old, in a safe, welcoming space. We are funded by generous donations from people like you.

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The Power of Love Project is a non-profit empowering the community and driving social justice through the power of the arts. PoL offers youth mentorship, mutual aid, and community events with a focus on creative political activation.

PoL’s Freedom Summer Arts & Activism Youth Program is a free arts education program for New York City students situated in Judson's space and the adjacent Washington Square Park. The program introduces students to a broad range of arts subjects, including music, dance, painting, and more, taught by local artists and activists. The program explores the intersection between art and activism.


In collaboration with Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center, the Judson Harm Reduction Kit  parties meet weekly to assemble kits for distribution. For more information on how to join the next Kit Assembly party, contact

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