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JAW (Judson Arts Wednesdays)

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Taja Lindley (Poetic Theater Productions)

Judson Arts Wednesdays

Photo by Michelle Y. Thompson

Judson Arts Wednesdays is a (mostly) weekly happening. It’s an open invitation to join a growing collective of artists, activists and audiences who come together to enjoy free experimental art and free nourishing food.  Our table is endless expansive…all are welcome.

Every event collides the warmth of a communal meal with the energy of an artistic happening, nourishing body and soul as we support prophetic, irreverent, perplexing and awe-inspiring works from new artists while actively embodying our HUMANIFESTO.

In addition to the 22-performance season of Black Aesthetics, brilliantly co-curated by Malcolmx Betts and Arien Wilkerson, recent JAW performances have included The Oresteia, a new folk opera by Nate Weider and Micah Bucey; Doll Girl by Lisa Stephen Friday, Memory Weaving by James Gibbel, and The Hope Principle Show by Bread and Puppet Theater.

Black Aesthetics

Black Aesthetics is an ongoing experimental performance art and dance series that celebrates Black, radical, moving, dismantling, and subverted avant-garde experimental work. Co-curated by Malcolm-x Betts and Arien Wilkerson, the series was launched in the Fall of 2022 and the 2023-2024 lineup will include 22 immersive, transformative experiences and thought-provoking, boundary-pushing performances centering Black queer, non-binary, and trans artists.

About the Curators


Malcolm-x Betts is a New York based visual and dance artist who believes that art is a transformative vehicle that brings people and communities together. His artistic work is rooted in investigating embodiment for liberation, Black imagination, and directly engaging with challenges placed on the physical body. He has a community engagement practice allowing artistic freedom and making art accessible to everyone.


ARIEN WILKERSON is a choreographer, dancer, video maker, director, producer, and installation artist. Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Arien is Founder and Artistic Director of, TNMOT AZTRO, a collaborative multidisciplinary company working at the bridge of dance, performance art, installation, sculpture, and sound design for engagements in museums, galleries and site-specific locations. Under the alias Tnmot Aztro considers that the complexities within art derive from the alienation of objects, identities, the body, sounds, and humans and is rooted in repurposing and redefining meanings of "fine art" and its attachment to colonialism, white supremacy, and institutionalized racism. What is queer black "fine art"? Who has access to it? How does art become fine? Where is the "margin" marginalized, displaced, disproportioned? And what systems were put in place to keep black and brown queer folk out. Arien Wilkerson/Tnmot Aztro, sold out performances, online lectures and events have taken place at spaces such as The University of Pennsylvania, Yale School of Art, University of Connecticut, Judson Memorial Church, LGBT Center NYC, Rhode Island School of Design, Austin Arts Center at Trinity College, Real Art Ways, Wadsworth Atheneum, Vox Populi Gallery, Icebox Project Space, AS22O, SPACE Gallery, Wesleyan University, The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts, Slought Foundation, the Martin E. Segal Theater, CUNY. Wilkerson is a 2023-2024 iLab Artist in residence at University of the Arts and is fiscally sponsored by Headlong Dance Theater.

Judson Arts Partners

We are thrilled to share our space with our artistic partners who expand the boundaries of what is possible every day.

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